Two large bounce houses inside a gymnasium

Rent massive Bounce Houses for your next big event

On our website you can browse from our 7 Massive bounce houses (Also known as moon walks). You can reserve on online or contact us here.

We have 4 basic jumps that are great for birthday parties or simple get to togethers. We also have 3 larger jumps that are great for school events, parties, or any event in general.

You can come and pick up a bounce house yourself or we can deliver* it to you. We also have a generator* if there is not a power source nearby.

*delivery and or generator require additional fee

Two large bounce houses inside a school

You can click here to rent now


You can send us an email at: qcbrandilove@gmail.com


Give us a call at: (309)-738-1491

Avalible Bounce Houses:

A basketball themed bounce house

Basketball Bounce House

A castle themed bounce house

Castle Bounce House

A Dinosaur themed bounce house

Dino Bounce House

A tiger themed bounce house

Tiger Bounce House

A jungle themed bounce house

Jungle 2-in-1 Bounce House

A obstacle bounce house

Obstacle Bounce House

A large slide bounce house

Slide Bounce House